PHP 5.6 EOL Tuesday, December 4, 2018

This was sent out to all clients in an email earlier today:

I hope this email finds you well. I just wanted to send along a quick message to let you know that PHP version 5.6 will no longer be supported for security updates by the developers as of December 31. As such, we must remove it from the server on that date. 

While we have had PHP 7.2 available for over a year, many of the clients on the Phoenix server have older sites and are still using PHP 5.6 and I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to make the switch and troubleshoot while 5.6 is available.

PHP 7.2 has many benefits in speed and you're likely to see your site load faster. I have yet to see anyone's site break by switching, especially if your coding is up to date. It has been in release for over a year, so all current scripts are coding specifically for it.

No action is necessary to switch to 7.2, if you do not manually switch to 7.2, you will be automatically switched on Dec 30 when 5.6 is removed. The only benefit to doing it ahead of time is to troubleshoot changes and have the opportunity to switch back to 5.6 if needed while you work out new ways to update your site for 7.2.

I've created a quick how-to for you to follow to make the change here:

I've also provided a link to our cPanel Optimization service if you'd like us to change it for you and test your website/fix any issues for $10 per account:

Please also feel free to reply to this email OR enter a ticket with your questions.
We're here to help.

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