What's New, August 2018

What's New, August 2018 Saturday, August 25, 2018

We are so happy that you've chosen to be a client with E-Starr. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

What's New (so far)

We've been working hard behind the scenes to bring E-Starr up to date with our offerings and website. While we're working on a complete overhaul, it's been possible to release some of these updates right away. 

Website Builder - Weebly builder is now built into our portal. Use the website builder straight from the portal to build your site.

More SSL Options - On top of our Comodo solutions, we now offer some Symantec options. Ordering for your domain in the portal will automatically set it up for you. 

Free SSL Enabled - All sites hosted with us have free ssl auto-enabled on their sites. This is to create a secure connection and should not be used for sensitive information collection, like credit cards. Google ranking will require this so make use of it right away!

Spam Monitoring - Available through your portal. Add it to your account and never deal with spam again.

Unblock IP - Sometimes we (or our coworkers) may forget or mistype a password a few times, causing the IP to get blocked from the server. The ability to unblock those IPs was unavailable for a time, but is now back in the portal under the Support tab.

What's Coming (very soon)

We are so excited to be releasing a new version of our website, packages, documentation, and offers. The working deadline for this update is October 1, but we will be working hard to beat and exceed your expectations on this.

WP Care/Managed WordPress Hosting - Let us handle the technical part of owning a site and focus on what's most important to you. Whether it's an, e-commerce website or a blog to help support your family, our WordPress experts are here to help. We have options available for every level. If you need help with your WordPress now, contact us through the portal and we'll help.

Managed VPS - Great for those who want more control, or just need more resources than the shared solutions provide. A managed solution means you don't need to know everything about server management to have a great dedicated solution.

Simpler Solutions - Manage your site completely from our portal, without a separate login to cPanel. Need to give someone else access? You can create a portal access account for them and decide how much or little access they have.

Better Documentation - We are working on better & complete documentation for you. On top of that, our blog is getting a complete revamp!

Support Options - We will begin keeping live chat hours and provide you with new options for the ticket system where you can choose the level of support you want/need. This is a game changer!

Some things you should know:

Plan Price Changes - Yes, we will be updating our prices. No, you should not wait to order. All hosting packages can be upgraded/downgraded at any time so if a plan price changes and gets lower, you can request to update to the new pricing. Feel free to contact support to ask for our best price for your needs. You may even be eligible for a discount you didn't know about!

Domain Price Changes - Beginning September 1, we will be changing the domain prices. We apologize for the short notice on this one. The domain prices have been steadily rising over time and we have not updated them in a few years. So if you're reading this now, renew and register your domains before September 1 to take advantage of current pricing. Great news! Domains are STILL free when you purchase yearly hosting!

Help! - We need some great testimonials to display on our site. If you're interested, please email support@e-starr.com or send us a message on live chat. We will also be discounting some of our products deeply for portfolio building purposes. Keep on eye on our Facebook for more on this.

We want to know what you need from us! Our mission has always been to provide an affordable and reliable hosting solution with a knowledgeable and friendly staff. In our vision we are not only providing your hosting, but helping you build your dream. Let us know how we can help.

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